My story

I saw some cats sitting on a wall and jumped up to join them. They weren’t too pleased at the arrival of a stranger but before long I’d been spotted by a man who disappeared only to reappear with a strange-looking box. I jumped down to see what this was all about and lo and behold the box appeared to contain food. Well, I didn’t need any persuading and walked right in. I got carried away mid-munch and found myself in a room, whereupon more food magically appeared along with water, a comfy bed, blankets and a tray with nobody else to fight me for anything. I’d landed on my feet.

I had a lot of holes from fighting off other cats. I’m only small but territory is a big deal to us and, having nowhere to call home, I’d wandered into other cats’ territories. One of my bite wounds was a gaping hole it was so deep. It has left me with a bit of a limp so I walk crookedly at times. Never mind, it could be worse. I’d had a tough time on the street, but now it seemed like my luck was about to change.

I was taken to something called a vet, where I was given a full check-up which included having my throat shaved and some of my blood stolen. I let the vet and my new humans get away with quite a lot but then I grew tired of all this poking and prodding so I decided to bite the nearest thing to me, which happened to be my human’s thumb. Well, that quickly secured my release, and I scurried back into the box!

Life today

After a lot of care and attention, all my wounds have healed and I look and feel much better. I still walk funny when my back leg seizes up a little due to that really deep bite wound, but in general I am much more comfortable. As I spent most of my life on the street I have a few health issues, namely FIV and my liver isn’t working as well as it should. I am on medication for both. I have been neutered now but since then I no longer wish to go to the vet for my vaccinations. In fact, the day they tried to persuade me go back into the box, I was so scared that I raced to the top of the veranda, which, if you’ve seen any photos, you will know is very high. I hung there like a bat until my humans retreated. My vaccinations will have to wait!

I have never met so many friendly and mellow cats. Life is very tranquil, which I understand is a bonus for me as FIV cats benefit from a stress-free environment, which up to now I have never experienced. I’m particularly attached to Woodstock, who was the first cat I met when my room was opened up. He was a curious creature and wasn’t afraid to approach me. At first, I was a bit scared given my past dealings with unknown cats, but to my surprise he didn’t attack me or hiss. I gradually met all the other cats and apart from the usual initial wariness between new cats, I have not had a single fight or argument. Wow, this is definitely the life. I am literally attached to Woodstock, and Popcorn is a close second. They are my best friends.

My future

As long as my immune system stays strong and my life remains stress-free, I hope to enjoy many years here as I have finally found somewhere to call home. As I refuse to go to the vet, we shall have to wait and see if my liver starts behaving itself and reacts to the medication I’m on. I may pay the vet a visit in about a year, maybe.


My estimated age on arrival in 2022: three years (I look a lot older, but that's what living rough does to you!)
In December 2022 I weighed 2.5 kg.
In September 2023 I weighed 4.7 kg. The wonders of good food!

I tested negative for FeLV, but positive for FIV.
I am neutered and finally vaccinated...I gave them a good run for their money!

Star Qualities

I’ve been told I look like an owl as I like to perch at the top of the tree trunk on the veranda. Also, because of my all-black coat, often all you can see are my eyes and occasionally something pink if I happen to be sticking my tongue out at you. I am the master of disguise.

I’m quite a smooch, and like nothing better than to get as close to Woodstock as possible and go to sleep. I love to play too but I’m still a little nervous around people, so any sudden movement or noise makes me run. I’m getting better but it’ll take time.


I am very naughty when it comes to taking tablets, so the ones I need for my liver are now broken up and coated with another supplement for my immune system, which I actually really like. I’m not that gullible though – I always leave a piece of the tablet just to let my humans know I’m on to them. You can’t fool me.