My story

I left home when I was quite young and joined a new household where I met the then residents Edward and Smudge. I was very nervous and a bit skittish, but I found Edward quite relaxed and easy to get on with as he pretty much ignored me. Smudge, on the other hand, didn’t like me at all, but over the next few months I got my own back, I’m ashamed to admit, and chased her around the house to the point where she didn’t want to come indoors in the evenings. All three of us enjoyed the outside world and would always come in at night, but my humans would sometimes spend hours looking for Smudge in the evenings. Our three-day trip to Italy actually paid off as we were forced to spend time in close proximity and once we were in Italy we got on better than we ever had. Unfortunately, later that year Smudge went out one day and never returned.

Once I got trapped down a well for two days and I later learned that my humans thought I’d gone the same way as Smudge. There was absolutely no trace of me anywhere and they were completely stumped. I could hear them looking for me, but obviously my wailing wasn’t loud enough. On the second day, I must have voiced my desperation better as my humans heard me but couldn’t work out how to reach me. It turns out that the well I’d fallen down was completely walled in, so my human had to use a sledgehammer to break the wall. I was perched on a ledge, doing my best not to fall into the water, and after two nights I was freezing cold and smelt like a sewer. Boy, was I pleased to see them. That was one too many adventures for me.

Life today

I am one year younger than Edward, and to date I have not had any major illnesses or injuries. I have a torn ear which I got from a fight with an unneutered orange stray that lived in the neighbourhood in England, but other than that I’m not in bad shape for my age. Apparently my gums are not so good, so I need cyclical medication for that – which I hate!

I keep myself to myself and get to run around on the roof terrace with nobody else to bother me. I wait to be let out through the upstairs window, frolic around on the terrace for hours until I feel like coming back in. I have my own room upstairs as I’m a bit of a scaredy cat, if I’m honest. I don’t really mix well with others and Ripley loves to chase me, so it’s best if I do my own thing. Suits me as I love it!

My future

I’m looking forward to the summer as I get to spend all day on the roof terrace, sunning myself. I have a woolly coat so by the afternoon I go to sleep in the shade. I am a shy, somewhat antisocial creature, but I have a good life here.


My estimated age on arrival in 2015: one year.
In October 2017 I weighed 4 kg. In February 2023 I weighed 4.1 kg, so, it's fair to say, I am rather petite.

I tested negative for both FeLV and FIV.
I am neutered and fully vaccinated.

Star Qualities

I have a lovely fluffy coat, which is the envy of everyone as they are all short-haired, ordinary cats, whereas I am rather special.

I can jump through the bars on the window in one fell swoop, which is quite impressive. To the others, I say, ‘watch and learn, watch and learn’.


I eat like a bird, and in the past I was known as the fussiest eater in the world. I’m not too bad now, and enjoy my biscuits on the windowsill and my wet food later at night. I am a delicate flower really.

I like to chase my own tail. Well, so would you if you had my tail. I feel like I’m being followed by a squirrel!