My story

I have quite a story to tell and I’ve only been here since December 2023! I was abandoned. Everyone had left the house and left us behind. When I got to my new home I was already in heat so I caused quite a stir and a fair bit of chaos. Before I knew it, I was whisked away and neutered. Operation number 1.

A few weeks later, I was hit by something very hard, probably some kind of vehicle, which gave me a very painful fractured pelvis. So, once again, before I knew it, I was whisked away to another hospital where I stayed for a couple of days in a strange crate before Operation number 2. One minute I was asleep in a crate, and the next I woke up to find myself wearing a strange thing around my neck. I was also not amused to see that somebody had stolen some of my fur.

Anyway, I was taken home and placed in another strange crate. Well, I didn’t like that one bit, I can tell you. So much so that I forced my way out of it on no less than three occasions, the final time being the last straw as I completely destroyed it. You see, I didn’t mind staying in the crate for a while as I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t really move, but when nature calls I can’t sit around waiting for someone to come and let me out of the crate. Anyway, my efforts paid off as I am now boxed into a very small corner of the room in order to limit my movements and not risk damaging my pelvis or the plate they kindly inserted in me. I am much happier and stress-free. Oh, and so far I managed to successfully remove no less than three collars too. So, I am collar-free and crate-free.

Life today

I’ve gotten used to life in the crate-free room and am much happier than I was. I get regular visits throughout the day plus lots of nice food, treats and fuss. They even brush my coat regularly as I lose a lot of fur. What a life – completely the opposite of my old life where I was treated like a piece of rubbish. I am also collar-free as my wound has healed spectacularly and there is no need for me to wear the cone of shame any longer.

My future

I have to have regular check-ups to make sure the plate they put in me is stable and I haven’t done any more damage. I think it will be a while before I’m able (or allowed) to leap about again. It’ll be difficult as I’m young and full of energy, but hey, if it means more fuss and extra treats who am I to complain? Every cloud…
My last check-up went well, even if they had to sedate me to do the X-rays. The fracture is healing well and I am in great shape. So far so good.


All I know is that I weigh 37 kilos.
I am neutered and will be vaccinated once as I have fully recovered from my operation. More needles!

Star Qualities

I am very loyal to those who treat me with kindness and respect. I am also very mellow and quite obedient really. I love fuss.


Breaking out of cages.
Removing any type of collar known to man..