My story

I was dumped and found myself wandering around between two houses, unsure where to try first. One day, I jumped into the back garden and was quickly surrounded by lots of barking female dogs, wondering who on earth I was. I was shooed away and went next door. I liked it there for a while but then I decided I liked the other house more and would rather be with other females than males, despite the welcome I’d got.

Soon enough, I became a regular fixture here until one day I decided to stay. The others got used to me in time although at the beginning I was picked on a lot.

Of course, I arrived unneutered so before long I was in heat. Well, that aroused the interest of all the male dogs next door and I was soon being pestered on a daily basis. I couldn’t even enjoy a meal on my own. Honestly, it was very annoying and I just wanted to be left alone. Thankfully, I was neutered so I never have to experience that tiresome episode again.

Life today

I well and truly live here now and am by far the noisiest of the lot. I bark at everything and everyone and hold the record for barking the longest over a single event – probably a cow walking past the gate.

Now and again I lose my temper and lash out at one of the other dogs. The last time I attacked Cookie’s mum quite badly so now she doesn’t come here. I’m not sure why I did that and all the other dogs gave me a wide berth that night. I was told off by my owners, and quite rightly so. I literally lost my mind and control for a few minutes, and it was quite scary.

I love to sit and sleep on the grass, so when it comes to summer and grass seeds I’m famous for them! On many occasions I have needed a vet to get them out of all kinds of places. Luckily, I’m used to car trips and I like the vet.

My future

I am looking forward to many more years with my good friend Happy. He’s very mellow and is much older than me but we get on like a house on fire. I think we understand each other so well because we both had nowhere to go before we found our new home. When he goes indoors, I go into a warm kennel.


My estimated age on arrival in 2018: one year.
I don’t know how much I weighed early on but now I imagine I’m a hefty 45 kg if not more. I’m a stocky lass.

I am neutered, and fully vaccinated.

Star Qualities

When I run, my big ears flop up and down like an elephant’s.


I have a terrible habit of chewing anything I find. That includes, paper, plastic, wood, string etc. I am famous for destroying a plastic chair that my owners once foolishly left outside. I say destroyed, I chewed most of the arm off.

I’m always hungry so as soon as one of the other dogs walks away from his or her bowl, I go and investigate any remains. I try to nudge Happy away from his bowl if he takes too long to finish his food, but I get told off for that and made to wait until he has finished. I don’t dare do that to Pepper, as she’s fierce.

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