My story

Not long after seeing my friend Benson being saved from all kinds of dangerous situations outside, I too wanted to be saved. I had been assessing the territory from afar and spying on the cats and dogs who seemed to live here and I slowly realised it could be the place for me. I was very nervous at first but then I began to accept the food that was regularly placed on the wall by my future servants. One day, I pretended to play dumb and stepped gingerly into the carrier to investigate the bowl of food in there, and lo and behold, I was captured!

To my great delight I had my own room and after a couple of weeks I was let out into the same room as my old chum Benson! I say ‘old’ as he does have more grey hairs than I do and judging by his wounds I’d say he’s been through the wars. At first, we were a bit wary of each other in our new territories but before long, Benson couldn’t ignore my zest for life and we began to play together. It was us against the world again.

We were roommates for about a month (we had to both be neutered and tested for nasty diseases first), after which we were ready to meet the other residents.

Life today

Despite my rather long, slinky exterior which makes me appear older and wiser than my years, I am still quite a young cat. I absolutely love to play and race up and down the hallway like a cat possessed, either because I just have the urge to run about or because I’m chasing Popcorn, Noodle or anybody willing to play with me. Life is good!

My future

I have yet to be vaccinated, as like my good friend Benson, I’m not a fan of the cat carrier and unless you’re quick, you’re not getting me in there! I did overhear talk of the vet coming to the house to vaccinate any naughty cats, so I may have met my match.

In the meantime, I hope to have a long future here with so many friends to play with.


My estimated age on arrival in 2023: six months.
In January 2023 I weighed 5.2 kg and in September 2023 I shot up to 6.2kg! What can I say? I love my food.
I tested negative for both FeLV and FIV.
I am neutered and vaccinated.

Star Qualities

I look like a panther!


I love food and playtime. That’s my world. Provide me with plenty of food and countless toys to play with and I couldn’t be happier.

Sponsored by:

Kim McAuliffe