My story

I used to be a colony cat, looked after and cared for by an excellent association, until one day I got hit by a car and my life was never the same. I broke my jaw and had to have an operation to reconstruct my skull. Unfortunately, something went wrong and my optic nerve was damaged, which left me completely blind. As you can imagine, I’d gone from being a carefree, outdoor cat with lots of friends – even my mum lived across the road – to being plunged into darkness. I was very scared and in a lot of pain. I spent a few months at the association while they tried to find me a permanent home. Apparently, someone enquired about adopting me as they wanted a mouser. Well, I may be good but even I’m not that good if I’m blind, nervous, and recovering from a pretty major accident. Some people!

One day, I was collected by two people and taken to my new home. I was very nervous and barely moved from my hiding place in a corner. Over a very long time, I slowly learned to trust these new people and understand that they were bringing me food and water and looking after me. I was very wary of the other cats that lived here as I wasn’t used to not being able to see them; I could only smell and sense them but I didn’t know where they were and what they looked like. A little chap called Opus came and sat with me one day. He was also blind and not very well by this stage. Apparently, my new humans had adopted me not only because they wanted another blind cat but one that would be a fellow companion to Opus, who until I arrived was the only blind cat and the only one who couldn’t go outside, for obvious reasons. I met him twice, I believe, before he went away. I wish I’d known him longer.

Two months later, my humans brought home two other blind cats – Ripley and Rupert. My humans had grown very fond of blind cats but they also wanted me to have some company. Funnily enough, they came from the same association so I immediately recognised Ripley’s squeal. Rupert had always been quiet, and sure enough he used to tiptoe around as his blindness was relatively new.

Life today

It’s taken a long time for me to adjust to a life in the dark. I am still the most nervous of all the blind cats here, and when a new member comes on board it takes me a while to relax around them. I don’t like change. That said, I have my routine and I love it! I have comfy beds, good food, access to the outside and lots of friends. My life has turned out okay in the end.

My future

I will never recover my sight, but I’m getting used to it. I know my way around and as long as my humans don’t change the furniture around too often, I’ll be okay!


My estimated age on arrival in 2021: four years.
In January 2021 I weighed 4.9 kg. In May 2023 I weighed 7.2kg. Believe it or not, I’ve lost weight because last year I reached a whopping 8.1 kg. Superman! All the other cats were envious of my voluptuous figure, I could sense it...

Anyway, in August 2023 I weighed 7.1kg so I think I'm doing okay.

I tested negative for both FeLV and FIV.
I am neutered and fully vaccinated.

Star Qualities

I have enormous black eyes so when I’m looking at another cat it looks like I’m staring right at them, and I understand this can make them uneasy. Good to know I’ve still got it.

I’m the largest cat of the household, weighing in at a hefty 8.1 kg at one time. I am somewhat trimmer now, but still proud of my rotund physique.


I like to follow Ferris around, but he’s not so keen. The thing he seems to forget is that he’s not blind and can easily make a quick escape, but for now I enjoy teasing him.

Woodstock is a very good friend and I often used to follow him everywhere and play with him. Less so now, since Benson became attached to Woodstock. I don’t mind as Woodstock is a lovely fellow, always doing his best to make everyone feel at home.

I love to play with furry mice that I throw in the air and catch. I meow for ages until somebody recognises and appreciates my catch. I also love to rip boxes to shreds and I’m proud to say I have started a tradition that is very popular among the other cats.

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