My story

I’ve been around for a long, long time but have never managed to find anywhere to call home. I used to chase cats and had already come across Edward before when I chased him up a tree. I’ve since learned that cats are not for chasing – shame really. Anyway, like all the other unneutered male dogs around here, I would go mad when an unneutered female dog went on heat. Us males easily outnumber the very few female dogs in the area, but it only takes one instance before inevitably one of us would end up injured in our crazy, intense desire towards this one female dog. Unpleasant stuff really but it’s not our fault we feel this way.

I came to this particular house as sure enough I was following a dog on heat. She was actually the neighbour’s dog but seemed to think she lived here. So, once again there was a group of males, including the male dogs from next door, all lusting after this one dog. The female ones that already lived here had been neutered. One day I got injured as two of the large dogs jumped on me and bit me in the chest. The wound was very deep and I was barely able to walk. Since that day, I have been looked after by who I then came to know as my family. I was treated and looked after and have never left. I have since been neutered so I no longer chase after females in heat, nor do I put myself in danger when all the other males roam and fight with each other after her. It’s a sad state of affairs and I do feel sorry for the unneutered male dogs as it’s not their fault they become aggressive and very dangerous. They need to be neutered, like me.

Life today

I love my life here as I am surrounded by female dogs, who of course have their own weird power struggles from time to time, but on the whole are much more fun to be around. My best friend is called Brown (she was the one we were all after before I was neutered), and we are called the old married couple. I am definitely an older gentleman, but Brown is fairly young still. We stick together like glue and watch out for one another. She’s a lot tougher than she looks.

In the winter, I go indoors as my bones ache after sitting outside all day, and I feel the cold more so now. It’s great as I have my own bed in one of the rooms so I either spend the evening in the living room with my owners and about a million cats (shame I’m not allowed to chase them), or I go straight to my bedroom. Either way, I’m happy to lay my head down on a warm blanket.

My future

Well, I hope to continue growing old gracefully. I love my food and am a very friendly dog. I get on well with Leia when I come indoors but I also understand that she’s the boss of the inside world. I’m looking forward to many more years of tranquillity and good food.


My estimated age on arrival in 2021: ten years, but I suspect my good looks make me look younger than I am.
In July 2021 I weighed 24.9 kg.
In October 2021 I weighed 25.5 kg.

I am neutered, and fully vaccinated.

Star Qualities

I am a very handsome Border Collie lookalike. I have a big, woolly coat which is great in winter but not so great in summer.

I jump up and down and howl in delight when it’s dinner time, and in my excitement I nearly knock my owners off their feet.

I am the perfect car companion and I love my trips to the vet. I sit patiently, look out of the back window and watch all the cars behind us.

I haven’t chased a single cat since I’ve been here, so my owners have trained me well.


I bark relentlessly when any of the unneutered dogs from next door come over. I’m not aggressive but they smell differently, which puts me on the defensive.

When I come indoors, I go straight to Charlie’s bowl and finish off any biscuits he might have left me. I get told off, but who can walk past good food? The naughty sod gets his own back when he walks right into me while I’m fast asleep. Unfortunately that kind of thing startles me and makes me snap, so I get told off for that too. It’s better when I go straight to my room and steer clear of the cats that seem to run this particular house.

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