Second from left.

My story

I must have been the first one to pop out of my mum Smokey, as I’m always the first one to try anything new. I’ve got bundles of self-confidence and I take after my mum as I love to climb and jump up onto anything high that is considered ‘out of bounds’. I am fearless!

Life today

So far, so good! I love it here, I have lots and lots of friends, including a fluffy dog called Leia (or Dog) and an even fluffier one that comes in at night (called Happy). I have so much energy I think I’m going to burst, so it’s a good job I have plenty of company and toys to keep me occupied – for five minutes.

My future

Start as you mean to go on! I intend to grow old and wise(r) here, surrounded by my family, friends and staff.


Neutering – just happened yesterday!! (15 March).
I have had my basic vaccinations, and have tested negative for FeLV and FIV.
I will soon be vaccinated against FeLV, like the rest of my chums.

Star Qualities

I am a slinky black panther, much like my good friend Cricket, although I’m far superior as I have an immaculate white bow tie.


- Climbing anything high and getting told off for climbing anything high.
- Meowing like a banshee when I can’t get my own way.
- Running like Roadrunner any time the vet comes near me. Beep! Beep!