My story

I’ve lived nearby for about three years but always kept my distance. I had friends but one by one they disappeared until it was just me. I spent most of my time on the back wall and saw a couple of other stray cats who made it over the wall and into a house. I was most intrigued. I gradually started to come closer – it was a very slow process as I would be chased off by the dogs that live here who naturally are very territorial – still, I persevered, until one day I made it up to the veranda and saw lots of cats living quite calmly together. Well, that was a new one! Living outside, I was used to fighting and defending my own territory.

Life today

Long story short, I am now a part-time member of the cool, calm club. I have met all the cats and dogs, and particularly like spending time with Brown as we get along just fine now, even if she used to chase me away at first. Apparently, I’m a lot like a previous resident, Earl, who used to love the company of dogs probably more than cats. And just like Earl, I have a strange relationship with Ferris. I like to chase him around – but he gets his own back too – however, at the same time we can sit quite comfortably together and not bother each other.

My future

I am learning to play with the other cats but I can get quite agitated at times and lash out when I don’t mean to. It’s the years of living outside, always on the lookout that makes me a bit temperamental – or so I’m told…


My estimated age on arrival in 2023: three to four years.
In April 2023 I weighed 5.1 kg, but in September I hit 6 kg – I’m all muscle!

I tested negative for FeLV, but positive for FIV.
I am neutered and vaccinated.

Star Qualities

I love to play with tennis balls or any balls that Leia likes to chase, and we end up having running races to see who can get to the ball first! I am an exceptionally fast runner so watch out…
I have a great paint job, hence my marvellous name.


I like to pock Ferris and then run away – my version of ‘knock down ginger’.