My story

I was the last arrival before Smokey, after having lived on the street for the best part of a year. I am tiny as I didn’t get the nutrition I needed at the beginning. I have no idea where my mum is or if I have any siblings. Despite being a stray and used to other cats, when I arrived here I froze and retreated into my new room. I wasn’t used to being indoors and seeing so many other cats all in one place. They were naturally curious and very friendly, but I needed time to adjust.

I was so unhappy being on my own that within a day I was allowed out and began to meet the others. Among all the friendly faces was a big, big cat that did not like me. I must have smelled funny as I was still intact and none of these guys were. How strange! Anyway, I soon settled in but I had to hide from the big fella called Floyd as he was quite scary. I would take it out on others though and lash out at times. I soon got told off for misbehaving!

It was tough on the street, but now I feel at home. Popcorn has become my best friend.

Life today

I’m the smallest of the crew, but my best friend is called Popcorn, and he is also very small. We look alike so we have a great time trying to confuse our humans. I love to race up and down the corridor in pursuit of or being chased by Popcorn, and sometimes Woodstock too.

When I was taken to the vet to be neutered they also discovered I have the FeLV virus, which is basically feline leukaemia. This was devastating news as once the virus is activated, I may have only weeks left to live. Until then, I have to be very careful not to pass on the virus to anyone else, so we eat and drink from separate bowls and mutual grooming is a no-no. I am on supplements to keep my immune system strong, and hope to be in good health for as long as I can.

My future

My main task here is not to get ill from any other viruses, colds, flu – anything which may endanger my immune system. Soon I shall have my first vaccination, which will help keep me protected. I cannot be vaccinated against FeLV as I already have the virus.

Due to my condition, the future is uncertain but until anything changes I intend to live each day to the fullest.

In June 2023 I gave everyone a scare as I suddenly became very ill. I had trouble breathing and couldn’t stop sneezing. I was put on antibiotics and cortisone and was carted off to the vet for a chest ultrasound. The vet was very nice although I did scratch her at one point. They couldn’t see any fluid or anything amiss in my chest so I got the all-clear. By then I was able to breathe a bit better and my appetite had come back. Of all the cats, I’m the most at risk so at the slightest hint of anything that doesn’t seem right, I’m off to the vet faster than you can say Pot Noodle. I feel much better now, so hopefully it was a one-off.


My estimated age on arrival in 2023: one year.
In March 2023 I weighed 2.5 kg. I'm very small for my age.
In August 2023 I weighed 3.8kg but by September had dropped slightly to 3.5kg, so I need to keep my weight up.

I tested negative for FIV but positive for FeLV.
I am neutered and vaccinated.

Star Qualities

I am as cute as a kitten as I need to fatten up and grow a lot more. I have big saucer eyes too, which makes me even more attractive.


I love my food so whenever my humans go into the kitchen, I am right behind them and meow until I get something, anything.

I put up quite a good fight when it comes to taking antibiotics. Do not be fooled by my tiny physique. I know the medication is for my own good, but who does like medicine?

I like to roll about on rugs and carpets and then pounce on whoever happens to be passing – apart from Floyd.

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