Far left.

My story

I arrived at the same time as the other three bandits. I was the only one that was completely white and very, very fluffy!

Life today

I have so much fun here, surrounded by my brother and two sisters, my mum and lots of friends. There’s never a dull moment. I love people and am always looking for cuddles. I am the mellowest of Smokey’s boys.

My future

Life is good, so I’m looking forward to spending many more years here at the sanctuary!


Neutering – just happened yesterday!! (15 March).
I have had my basic vaccinations, and have tested negative for FeLV and FIV.
I will soon be vaccinated against FeLV, like the rest of my chums.

Star Qualities

I am a carbon copy of my mum, Smokey, and it’s hard to tell us apart sometimes. Of course, I am by far the most handsome chap ever.


- I love to chase my own tail.
- Whenever a door to a room in the house opens, I’m the first one through it. I’m so fast that half the time they don’t even realise I’m in the room.
- I’m quite keen on fuss and attention, and when I don’t get it I meow until I do.