My story

Ciao, ragazzi!
I was with my sister Pepper when we were dumped in a field, along with our brother. Someone came and took our brother, but left us. We were both very frightened as we were so young, but I was particularly scared. We were absolutely covered in ticks, which was pretty disgusting! Anyway, I would hide in the haystack while Pepper would go and try to find us something to eat. It was a very difficult few days and I don’t think we ate much. Before long, a couple of people came along and took us home. I was very, very shy and would often wee where I stood, frozen to the spot. I later learned a better toilet routine.

As there were no other dogs at our new home, we were all learning how to cope with the new situation. Within a day, a very friendly dog from next door came to visit and we soon grew to love him as he was small like us. He was called Pesto and we used to have running races around the car. He was a funny little dog, but sadly he was killed when he was in the wrong place at the wrong time when a female dog was on heat. What a waste.

I grew up and although my confidence has also grown, I am still the most nervous of all the dogs here. Although she looks like butter wouldn’t melt, my sister Pepper has a ferocious temper and at times I have been on the receiving end of her wrath. Sisters!

Life today

I get into quite a few scrapes as often I’m seen as the weakest link so I get picked on by the other female dogs. I think I prefer the male dogs! A particularly savage incident was when half of my tail got ripped off. I’m not quite sure what happened as it was so fast but I came away with half a tail and a series of deep bite wounds to my legs. Luckily, after a course of antibiotics and treatment, the bit of bone that had been sticking out eventually fell off and my tail didn’t need to be amputated. Phew! I love to show off my unique short tail and wag it furiously when I’m happy.

My sister and I after we had settled in.

My future

I plan to spend many more years here as it’s a world apart from the field we were dumped in. We still go to said field but now we know we have a home to go back to at the end of the day.


My estimated age on arrival in 2019: two months.
I have no idea how much I weighed in the early days, but probably not much.
In October 2021 I still had no idea how much I weighed as there’s no way I’m going to the vet, not to mention getting on the weighing scales. However, as I am almost identical in size to my sister, I guess I also weigh 30.4 kg or thereabouts.

I am neutered and fully vaccinated (I escaped the needle last year as they couldn't catch me to vaccinate me, but this year they got me!)

Star Qualities

My coat is a brilliant white so I always look nice and clean. I have short hair and am very slim. My star quality has got to be my tail!
I’m like a puppy when it comes to playing with the other dogs. We have a great old time and then I go back to my favourite kennel and sleep it off.


I wasn’t like this at the beginning but now I run away from any attempts to put flea treatment or a collar on me, and I also run away from the vet when she comes to vaccinate us all. I need to stop being such a wimp.