Second from right, next to Mum.

My story

I am probably the mellowest Bandit. Nothing really annoys me or gets my back up, and I like nothing more than to cuddle up next to my mum.

Life today

I’m enjoying life with my sister and brothers, and all the other cats and dogs that live here. I love food and could quite happily eat for all four of us.

My future

More food to look forward to!
There’s so much to do here I could never get bored.


Neutering – just happened yesterday!! (15 March).
I have had my basic vaccinations, and have tested negative for FeLV and FIV.
I will soon be vaccinated against FeLV, like the rest of my chums.

Star Qualities

Like all of us, I am very friendly and I am quite a lap cat. I’m always the first one to run to the food bowls – well, you snooze you lose!


- I like to curl up with Mum Smokey.
- Sleeping is my hobby.
- I’m quite adventurous too, but I’m quiet compared to the other noisy Bandits.