My story

I don’t quite remember how I came to be wandering the streets of Castellaneta, but I was lost until a kind lady started to give me food and water outside so I stayed in the area for a while. It was in the scorching heat of July that another kind lady saw how hot and exhausted I was and took me in for a few days, where I met her cat and dog. During that time, I was taken to the local vet for a check-up as I was covered in scratches and fleas, which came about from being ‘intact’ and on the streets.

Anyway, within a couple of weeks I was taken to another house as apparently the two kind ladies were trying to find me a permanent home. I managed to escape and went missing for two days. I was then found and brought back but it turns out that my inability to immediately settle, eat and behave like a normal cat saw me returned once more to the lady who had taken me to the vet who kept me until another permanent home could be found. I was getting a bit fed up with being passed around like this. Did nobody want me?

Eventually, I was collected and taken to a new house with lots of cats and one dog that lives inside, the other dogs live outside. I did what any cat would do in a new situation and kept quiet until I could work out where I was and who my new friends were. I wasn’t afraid of any of them and nobody gave me any more attention than natural curiosity. Well, you know what curiosity did to the cat…
After a few days, I started to put on weight and a subsequent visit to a lovely vet, whereupon I was placed on a table and X-rayed, confirmed I would soon be able to show my thanks to my new owners with the gift of a few more Smokeys.

Life today

I am a new Mum now so can be a bit protective and have even been accused of being a bit grumpy! I have been offered all kinds of nice, high-quality food, but I have an insatiable craving for tuna so that’s what I get. Plus nice biscuits.

My future

On 21 August 2023 I gave birth to four kittens. I’d found an excellent place to hide (stuffed at the bottom of a containing a Christmas tree), so I kept everyone busy trying to find me while I was otherwise engaged. So now I have four little ones - I’m currently thinking of names but I may need some help.


My estimated age on arrival in 2023: two years.
In July 2023 I weighed 3.5 kg and in September 3.6 kg. I’m rather slinky and petite..
I tested negative for both FeLV and FIV.
I am (obviously!) not yet neutered or vaccinated, but will be.

Star Qualities

I look like a Siamese cat, I hold my head up high and walk/waddle with confidence. I like my own space and peace and quiet.


Eating tuna and grumbling.

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Kim McAuliffe