It has proven difficult to keep up with the financial aspects of looking after so many cats and dogs. As well as the daily feeding and general life costs for the entire crew, the amount of medicines and dietary supplements that we need has reached a dizzying level. So, we have added a few things to the website to help out. The first is a shop that is a 'third-party, print-on-demand' type thing that we sell T-shirts and so-on through. They're good quality and we'll keep coming up with ideas to add. Some of the designs are not related directly to the animals, but rather the household's love of heavy metal and honouring of some of those heroes who have since left us. These are NOT official products; just Larry's tribute to these people and another way to raise funds for Twiglet's crew. That's why you won't see any band logos. You can check the shop out here:

The second thing we have added is an Amazon Wish List that has all kinds of things on there that the cats and dogs either need, or, would make their life a little more enjoyable. It is in Italian, but if you visit it on a computer you can right click the page and it will translate to English. Unfortunately, if you do buy something, when it arrives, we don't know who it's from, so PLEASE send an email to us so that we can thank you properly. You can see it here:

The second-to-last option is the ability to donate money via Paypal. This goes into Larry's UK Paypal account which we then transfer to Italy. Every cent that is donated goes directly to the welfare of our menagerie. We aren't here to make money. We're here to look after these little guys. If you are interested, then just click here.

The last option we have is to directly sponsor one of our 'residents'. Each page has its own sponsor link which is set at 5 Euros per month. We will give you regular updates on how they, in particular, are doing as well as a general overview. Everything helps make their life better, here with us.