My story

I was dumped in a field with my sister Peanut and our brother. My brother was taken to his new home but we were left there. We hid in the haystacks but before long we were covered in more ticks and probably fleas too. I would go out and look for food but all I could find was a very dry carcass, which was one day a young calf. I was so hungry I pulled and pulled at whatever was left in the hope of filling our bellies. Thankfully, soon after we got taken to our new home and began our new life.

Peanut sometimes infuriates me so I have been known to lash out at her. Well, what else are you supposed to do with a sister? To be fair though, after we were neutered my wound became infected as one of the little unneutered dogs from next door would come over and sniff me out like a bloodhound and lick my wound! Once he’d been shuttled off home, I would lick the wound and sure enough shortly afterwards, I was made to wear an enormous Elizabethan collar. I looked ridiculous! I think Peanut must have thought it was hurting me as she would tug at it to try and get it off me. She got told off for that!

Back when we were small...

Life today

I’m quite fierce when I need to be, which is not a bad thing as there are lots of dogs around here and one needs to be strong. I’ve been rewarded with a few cuts and injuries, but nothing like silly old Peanut and her tail! I am very friendly and only shy when I have to visit the vet for any reason. Once, grass seed had got into my ear and refused to budge. It was so deep into my ear that it was dangerous. I was forced to go to the vet. Well, I’m not like car-happy Happy and don’t enjoy car trips at all. When we got there, I refused to get out so my owner had to carry me in. There was the possibility of having to anesthetise me to get this seed out, but the surgeon there thought that would be unnecessary so I had to suffer the indignity of wearing a muzzle while he rooted around and got the damn thing out! Good man.

My future

I look forward to running about like a loon and playing with the other dogs. I like to play with Leia as she’s smaller and has so much energy it’s hard to keep up with her.


My estimated age on arrival in 2019: two months.
We weren’t weighed in the early days but I suspect we didn’t weigh much given we were malnourished.
In October 2021 I weighed 30.4 kg.

I am neutered, and fully vaccinated.

Star Qualities

I started off white like Peanut, then I turned slightly off-white with a hint of brown and now I’m a lovely caramel colour! I resemble a Labrador.


I like to have the run of three kennels to myself and growl at anyone who approaches. They can have the other kennels! I like my independence.

I bolt out of my kennel at the slightest hint of trouble or at the sound of a dog in distress, and I am one of the fastest runners here.